Swing Bracelets - Single/Double

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The idea behind the design is the atom, the cornerstone of everything we know. I have been thinking around this idea since my apprentice years at Georg Jensen in the mid 1960es, but it was not until 1985 I developed the right way to make it.

Here, the arm is the core, and the bracelet is the Electrons flying around the core. The 3 arches hover over the arm give the perception of the ingenious abilities of the atom. 

This bracelet received a Georg Jensen & Wendel Jewellery Award in 1986, and went in production by Hans Hansen Silver as supplement to my Swing ear cuffs.

For more than 25 years this serie was known both as Swing and Alliance Collection in many parts of our world. That is why I previously have used both names. Today the series is known as Swing

The latest owners of Georg Jensen have stopped producing all of my designs, but you can still buy them here, and in my workshop in Sølvgade (Silverstreet) in Copenhagen, made with my own hands!

I make them in 3.5mm (Single) and 3.0mm (Single/Double) wire.