Church Silver

Scharff has successfully made silverware for churches since the 1970's. Making silverware for a church is a complex task, because it requires a lot of knowledge about the aesthetics, the location and the architecture of the church. Of these reasons it is also a very exciting task too.
Below you can see a chronological overview at the crafts Scharff has made for churches and their congregations. 
Please take contact if you have any interest in silverware for churches.
Scharff makes silverware for approximately one church a year. 

Helligtrekongers Kirken

In 2013 I started what might turn out to be one of my main works.The new and modern round church 'Helligtrekongers Kirke' in Vallensbæk needed complementing altar silver, and in 2016 I could present the work shown above. The large cross is a mixture of an altar cross and a crucifix - there is a small hint of a person in a cubist form, the viewer himself can decide to notice or not. Besides the cross also a pantene, a chalice and a wafer box was made. The project is still in progress, and I look forward to continue and someday complete our visions for the church.

Advent Evangelical Lutheren Church of Zionsville


Story: Scharff received a call from Pastor John Fiene, who asked if he could find the time to create a chalice which the pastor could give to his church in memory of his father and his father in law, both of whom had been leaders of the Lutheran Church in America. Pastor John later told Scharff that in his quest for the right expression on the internet, he had chosen Scharff's website as No. 1

In 2002 the chalice was nominated for LCEF Ecclesiastical Art Award, which it won. Scharff was invited to the award ceremony
in L.A. where he received the award and the applause of the 600 attending guests.


The job consisted of a chalice, two candlesticks and a pantene.


Story:A brand new church by architect Keld Wohlert was built by the slope down towards the river in the southwestern part of Ringsted. Naja Salto woven a 10 m2 large tapestry for the wall behind the protruding altar. When Naja's motive on the tapestry was with a flying flock of pigeons, Scharff suggested to let some of the pigeons land on the altar, made ​​of silver, crafted in postures that made them suitable for the church services.

The job consisted of: a chalice, a wine jug, a pantene and pantene.

Sandby Kirke


Story: The old baptismal font had to be moved away from the square on the stairs up to the altar, so the task was both to shape the baptize pitcher and to give the baptismal font a base.

Scharff chose to use a single 6 square pyramide form for the base, which continues into the baptize pitcher.There was molded a foundation of concrete under the new floor to be able to carry the entire baptismal font.

The job consisted of a baptize pitcher and a baptismal font.


Virum Kirke

The job consisted of two candlesticks (oil)


Tjæreborg Kirke

Story:Scharff had the pleasure to shape and craft all the silver for the beautiful old church in Tjæreborg parish, which contains one of the most beautiful epitaph in Denmark.
The job consisted of a baptize pitcher in brass, a baptismal font,baptismal basin. In addition, a wine jug, a chalice etc.


Gjern Kirke


The job consisted of a pantene and achalice




Endelave Kirke


The job consisted of a baptize pitcher