Swing necklace in Silver

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This necklace is the last one I created in the Swing collection.

I have been thinking around this idea since my apprentice years at Georg Jensen in the midt 1960es, and first in1985 I developed the right way to make it.

The idea behind the design of the hole serie, is the atom, the small cornerstone of everything we know. Here, the neck is the core, and the necklace is the Electrons  flying around the core.  The  the 3 arches hover over the arm gives the perception of the ingenious abilities of the atom. 

For more than 25 years this serie got known both as Swing and Alliance Collection in many parts of our world.   Thats why I now use both names  to reach out for You who have heard of the names, and old costumers too who lost one/both, or maybe just dreaming of wearing some bigger ones ;)

The Newest owners of Georg Jensen, the Arab private equity fund "Investcorp" have stoped producing all of my designs, but you can still ofcause buy them here, and in my workshop in Silverstreet, made by my own hands !

 I make them now in 3.0 mm.  It will be possible to order it in 2.5 and 3.5 mm Silver wire, but you have to take contact with me through the website for me to find the right size for you.