Swing Double bracelet Silver

Udsalgspris Pris 11.500,00 kr Normalpris Stykpris  pr. 

Inklusive moms.

Like the Swing bracelets thise rings are developed from the same idea.

The idea behind the design is the atom, the small cornerstone of everything we know. Here, the arm is the core, and the bracelet is the Electrons  flying around the core.  The  the 3 arches hover over the arm gives the perception of the ingenious abilities of the atom. 

This ring is double, the two rings wind around each other. It has 2 electrons flying so fast in their orbits that we can't see where they are. This Atom is Helium in the periodic table, but despite all the thoughts created out of artistic freedom.

Double ring in gold, double ring in Silver, Double ring in Gold and Silver. All in 1.8 mm wire.

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