Buddyguards - 8 Gold Knights Dancing around the Finger

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Inklusive moms.

Eight Buddyguards in18 Karat Gold, dansing around your finger to make you feel safe.

I have noticed that there are few real Gentlemen left in this world.  That is why I have created this serie of Buddyguards who forms a ring to protect you insted.  This little army of noble knights 4, 6, 8 or 9 depending on which piece of jewelry you choose, I made to accompany you through days and nights, to strengthen your confidence, courage and fight for you honor if necessary.


This rings comes with a choise of tree different gems; no. 424 with 8 pink sapphire       no. 425 with 8 black Diamonds, and no. 426 with Nine 2.4mm Brillants Tw/vvs