About Allan Scharff

Silver takes on a fluid, organic form under the skilled fingers of Danish silversmith Allan Scharff. The Danish Queen Margrethe drinks champagne from his silver ice pail, and Danish star actresses prefer his jewelry.

Quote from journalist Karin Bergquist 


Designer MDD & Silversmith MGH DS 


Allan Scharff is one of the few. He successfully bridges being both a classic Silversmith, an Artist and a Designer at once based on a more than 50 years long career. The passion for silver grew from an apprenticeship at Georg Jensen where it only seemed natural to also receive an education as silversmith in the danish design tradition. Throughout his career Scharff has been designing for Hans Hansen, Georg Jensen and Holmegaard, where his works have received numerous prizes. Several international exhibitions have also been held around Scharff's commended work.  
In addition, Scharff has been elected as an Associate member of the prestigious English Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths – one of only 100 foreign members - which also includes the Danish Queen.
Scharff’s work is functional, aesthetic and often with a touch of humour. By deeply believing in the principle “less is more “ Scharff creates recognisable shapes with as few lines as possible. Fluted lines tell stories by reflecting light and shadows - often with surprising balance and asymmetric solutions. The ambition with every single piece designed and crafted by Scharff is to create a small moment of delight and fun for people everywhere the pieces are being used.


Silversmith Allan Scharff